Mille Miglia - Introduction

Trying to define the Mille Miglia by means of comparison to other motoring events is futile as it simply cannot be shoe-horned into a category. On the one hand it is akin to a rally as each car is timed over a set route, a route that has changed radically since the inaugural ...
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Mille Miglia - History

A recurring theme of the Mille Miglia is how inextricable it is from the country that hosts it, particularly Italy's Brescia region, perhaps none more so in it's origins. As with so many celebrated automotive creations, such as Maserati or the Jaguar Special Projects Division... Read More

Mille Miglia - Present Day

In 1977 the Mille Miglia was revived, fifty years after it was founded, though not as a showcase of the latest in automotive technology, more as an ode to the classic racing days. In the intervening decades racing had become hugely commercial, creating a chasm between amateur....
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