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Mille Miglia Rental Cars


The Mille Miglia has grown to now cement its following as possibly one of the greatest classic car events worldwide.

It starts in Brescia each year in May with a 1,000 mile route carefully chosen to emulate the original event and covers Italy's most beautiful regions at both the start and finish. Based in the historic town of Brescia which boils over with the crowds, the excitement and the passion synonymous with this 'must do event' each year.

Last year the 33rd retrospective Mille Miglia celebrated a stunning field of cars of 438 participating cars - 67 were cars that had competed in the original event at least once.

The cars at the Viale Venezia start included more than 60 different marques, including a strong entry from both Mercedes and Alfa Romeo with 38 cars! Jaguar had 36, Fiat 34, Porsche 30 and Lancia 22. Further popular entries were some rare cars from manufacturers such as SIATA and Delage.

The event is in the format of the regularity style, with rankings determined from both time trials and sections where average speed is judged.

For both participants and spectators, the cars and atmosphere brings often euphoric excitement and the crowds in their thousands line many miles of the route. In 2015 however, to see Stirling Moss retrace Viale Venezia in the 300 SLR with which his record of an average speed of more than 157 km/h in 1955 was achieved, was breathtaking.

The photographic opportunities for cars and crews are second to none and provide lifetime memories of this very special event.

Premium Classic Cars has launched for 2017, a bespoke program for both support and rental cars which are uniquely eligible for the 2017 Mille Miglia.

A rental package is now available starting with assistance in all aspects of the entry process - usually in late November - and will include full preparation of the car pre-event, a dedicated two day course in the disciplines of road with books and regularity rallying for those who are new to this and, of course, full on event support.

Numbers are extremely limited so a very early expression of interest is advised.

For those participants planning to run their own cars, Premium Classic Cars will be offering a full preparation package for 2017 plus providing on event support vehicles. These will be specially fitted out with tools, equipment and spares so as to ensure a trouble free event for all.

At the end of each day's driving, each of Premium Classic Cars' team cars will be the subject of a full service and preparation in readiness for the next leg of the event. Work often extends late into the night and no efforts are spared to ensure our cars reach the finish in Brescia.

Following a successful event our customers enjoy will enjoy post-race celebrations, while cars are carefully loaded onto the F1-type transporters of our logistics partners Cars International. These will then driven across Europe back to our base at Sudbourne in Suffolk, where post-event servicing takes place such that cars are meticulously prepared for a 'next outing'.

At Premium Classic Cars our rental experience is about ensuring that clients enjoy possibly the biggest classic car race in the world - with guidance and support so as to harvest uninterrupted enjoyment from the spectacle.

2017 will be our 5th consecutive year in Brescia and in May 2017 we will celebrate more than 32 successful entries over recent years.

We would love to welcome you and look forward to hearing from you - whether you are serious for 2017? Thinking further ahead? Looking at buying or renting a Mille Miglia eligible car, we are sure that we are able to help, simply give us a call.


This Alfa Romeo 1900 Super from 1955 is believed to be a veteran of a record breaking 17 successful Mille Miglia events. It is thought to be a unique motor car from the most exclusive portfolio of cars able to claim multiple attendance of the world's most coveted classic car event.

The 1900 Super is a rare car. Cars from Alfa Romeo are quickly proving an excellent addition for many investment savvy collectors. A car such as this with FIVA papers, a previous ASI Gold award and full documentation to support a record number of prior Mille Miglia attendances must be one of the very best investment opportunities currently. More importantly, this car is an extremely strong nominee for future Mille Miglia events. The organisers are each year inundated with entries and clearly a car with history such as this comes with compelling credentials.

This Alfa is a joy to drive and really able to sprint along. In 1955 Alfa described the car as a racer for weekends. This was a significant period in Alfa's post war history and this car's success is easy to recognise from the driving experience. A car with a well balanced chassis, neutral handling and a gutsy engine, the 1900 Super is a great drivers car. Pedals allow for intuitive heel and toe and with the benefit of a boot and space. Hence, ideally suited to the ever-popular multi day events held in Europe.

Interested to participate in the 2017 Mille Miglia? Then please give us a call, we are looking forward to hear from you.

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TRIUMPH - 1954 Triumph TR2 For Rental for the Mille Miglia 2017 Event

1954 Triumph TR2 For Rental for the Mille Miglia 2017 Event

A unique opportunity exists for a Crew to Rent this wonderful TR2 and participate in this years Mille Miglia with full support.

Premium Classic Cars will be supporting four cars this year & this is a chance to be in the event starting in Brescia in May.

This car is meticulously prepared and our package includes nightly servicing with of course PCC- Crew on hand throughout to step in, should any circumstances arise.

The package includes insurance and a VIP welcome in Brescia with PCC experienced staff in hand to guide and assist with every aspect of the event from Registration & Scrutineering in Brescia to the finish line 3 long days later.
This 1954 Triumph TR2 has already got 2 Mille Miglia entries under its belt. The TR2 first appeared to the public one year before official production – a prototype on show at the Earls Court Motor Show in 1952. Designed by Walter Belgrove, a lot of design influence was brought from the Jaguar XK120, particularly the similar flowing lines around the headlamp and front wing area. The cars were a massive hit both home and abroad, the latter sales far exceeding the former, thanks to a simple left had drive conversion to suit the North American market. Bulletproof, with a sturdy chassis, smooth performance and simple yet elegant design, owners were quickly impressed. One of the old British gentlemen of the sports car world, the Triumph TR2 echoes back to an age of open top motoring and when cars really were built to be driven.
Introduced in 1953, the Triumph TR range of sports cars quickly established itself as a favourite in the British sports car market. Updates soon followed with the TR3 replacing the original model, adding subtle modifications such as doors flush with the top of the sill and a re-designed grille. Other models the TR3A (with features such as external door handles and a full width grille) and the TR3B (uniquely for the American market) quickly followed. Fast, with a top speed of 105mph – though it did achieve 124mph when only minor additions were made to the standard TR2 model (wheel spats, fairings and aero screen) –this little sports car as a true classic.
The TR2 has a couple of claims to fame in the racing world too. Out of 450 starters, it fought its way up to 28th in the 1954 Mille Miglia. And in the June of the same year, it came 5th in its class at Le Mans.
This 1954 Triumph TR2 is an early long-door car, so named for the door skins that extend to the bottom of the rocker, making it a very sought after and desirable vehicle. The car was originally British racing green with a brown vinyl interior and fawn weather-gear. Today it is presented with a gleaming black exterior with red leather interior and matching weather-gear – making it a stunning, striking car to look at.
Completely rebuilt to the very highest standard, this is a breathtaking motorcar and simply a labour of love. This is a car that drives and handles superbly.
We firmly believe this is one of the most stunning 1954 Triumph TR2s we have ever had the pleasure of seeing and working with.

To discuss and hear how this could be your year at the Mille Miglia please call Phil who looks forward to sharing an insight with you and discussing costs & the package available.

We welcome viewings at our premises here in Suffolk at anytime via an appointment so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Overseas visitors are most welcome and can be collected from all London airports with accommodation arranged.

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