Consign Your Car

Russian VersionFor those interested in selling a cherished car this can seem a daunting prospect. The auction house route can seem risky and often some months away and advertising and all that goes with it for a private family is not always ideal.

At Premium Classic Cars our service is probably unique and certainly exceptional. Each car is assessed on its own merit and a minimum guaranteed price is agreed with the owner. All costs associated with preparing the car – often this can include both paint and trim work in parallel with mechanical service and repair work – are met upfront by ourselves. In addition costs relating to marketing and advertising are also met by us. Cars are routinely advertised with the worlds leading classic car press in addition to being extensively featured on our website with appropriate links.

Terms of Sale are agreed and recorded with a correct consignment document, which ensures Title of the car is secure for an owner prior to receipt of cleared funds and, of course, cars are insured on a fully comprehensive basis at an agreed value. As a result of this approach, the preparation of cars regularly allows owners to optimise a price for a car and greater than what might be achieved from a car in its present condition. All importantly new owners purchase exceptionally prepared motor cars bringing the prospect of reliable and enjoyable classic car motoring ever nearer.

Premium Classic Cars typically add a value of between 10% and 20% to a car we prepare for sale in our workshops. It is not unusual to remove engines, extensively detail cars and service to include rolling road set up – which is always carried out by our friends and experts Atspeed Racing in Essex. This means that this is in contrast to selling a car via an auction house unprepared, which can cost 10% for both the buyer and seller. In such an instance the seller only realizes 80% of the price paid. With a consignment sale via us, it is normal for a seller to receive 10% more than the value of the car at the time it is consigned. The buyer then finds a car meticulously prepared and is able to enjoy reliability from day one.

Phil will always travel personally to assess cars for sale with no obligation. Consigning your car eliminates the headaches associated with phone calls, emails, inspections and shipping so typical of private sales. Consignment gives many benefits and our network of contacts and most importantly customers throughout Europe, bring a ready dimension of interest for properly prepared cars to find willing buyers. Prompt successful sales are very often achieved so please do not hesitate to call 00441394459493 or email us for a chat with Tina or Phil if you are thinking of selling a car.

All cars are made available for viewing from our Suffolk premises – overseas clients are often met from London airports and worldwide shipping is regularly arranged following a successful sale.

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