PORSCHE - 1982 Porsche 911 3.0 SC Coupe

    PORSCHE - 1982 Porsche 911 3.0 SC Coupe

    1982 Porsche 911 3.0 SC Coupe

    “Driving in its purest form” is how many people would describe driving the 3.0 litre Carera. This 911 SC is powered by the 3 litre flat 6 engine and following a series of upgrades this 1982 model year car enjoys the pinnacle of output achieved 204bhp. The 911 SC had the wider body of the 911 Carera and being a later car is easily identified with the side direction indicators behind the front wings. The headlamp rings of the car help further with identification, as from the model year 1979, they were always painted in the exterior body colour of the car. The Carera with its distinctive ducktail rear spoiler has, of course, made these cars iconic in the evolution of the 911. A design that started with the RS many years before, the 911 SC first arrived in 1978 and evolved to become the car that is offered for sale today. If you wanted to buy a normally aspirated 911 in the late 1970s or early 1980s it had to be an SC. In creating this new model, Porsche took the bare bones of the previously range topping Carera 3 litre and further developed the engine so as to evolve to a 204hp in 1982. There are different views on what the SC stands for; Super Carera, Sports Carera or even Special Carera have all been spoken of. Some argue that it is the S version of the C programme of 911 development. The engine was a gem, even in its original 180bhp guise, as it produced more power and torque at low revs than the rather peaky Carera 3 litre unit, it remained remarkably free revving. It was first upgraded on the U.S. cars to 188bhp, then the following year the output was raised further to the 204bhp of this car as the compression ratio was lifted and the car configured so as to use higher octane petrol. With quoted performance times of 0-60mph in 5.7 seconds and top speed only just shy of 150 miles per hour, this is still considered to be a quick car. The SC retains the lightness which is the classic 911 trade mark and with the non-assisted steering considered a little heavy at parking speeds, the steering becomes light and full of feel once the car is underway. The handling is forgiving due to supple torsion bar suspension and the excellent set up for which these cars are renowned. This is a fantastic touring car, does not transmit much road noise and the driver and passenger enjoy comfortable seats with a solid and rattle free interior so much better than most 70s sports cars. Although over 60,000 cars were built on its production run, which is not much less than the Carera 3.2 that followed, the 3 litre 911 SC is the rarer car. During production years and subsequently, these cars were often neglected, crashed or modified in some way. This all adds up to mean that good original 911 SCs are now few and far between. The rarity and the realisation of what a super drivers car the 911 SC is, makes this air-cooled 911 a strong investment and a car in great demand.
    This particular car is an excellent low mileage example, a full matching numbers car with just 91,000 document miles since 1982; just 2,600 miles on average per year and only 10,000 miles on the rebuilt engine. Presented in original light blue metallic paint, arguably one of the best colours from this period. The car was originally supplied from JCT600 on 20th August 1982. The engine was freshly rebuilt at just 81,000 miles and the gearbox rebuilt just 1,300 miles earlier at 80,000 miles. The car has a very extensive service history starting a 4,320 miles at JCT600, Bradford right up to 26th August 2016. The history file is extensive and the car comes with all original keys. The original factory blue interior of the car is in excellent condition and the car looks stunning sat on its original 16” Fuch wheels and Dunlop SP Sport 2000 tyres. The original Porsche drivers folder, manual and service book are with the history file. The car is presently the subject of engine out detailing here at Premium Classic Cars with all hoses clips and wiring meticulously refreshed in the engine compartment. The car is offered for sale with a full 12 months MOT and will go for a final tune and check up at a rolling road facility so as to be optimised for driving pleasure prior to delivery to a new owner.
    We welcome viewings at our premises here in Suffolk at anytime, via an appointment, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
    This is a unique opportunity to purchase a fabulously preserved example of one of these cars with the engine, gearbox and heat exchangers all completely restored.
    Overseas visitors are most welcome and can be collected from all London airports with accommodation arranged.
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    Should a classic or competition car be available for part exchange, we would also have no hesitation in considering your car.
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    Worldwide delivery of the car can be facilitated with ease. If in mainland Europe, Phil as always will be delighted to deliver the car personally via covered trailer. Beyond Europe international shipping can be arranged through CARS Europe.

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