FORD - V8 Deluxe Roadster
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    FORD - V8 Deluxe Roadster

    In the days this car was built things were very different. The stock market had crashed in 1929, this was the start of the Depression years. Unemployment was everywhere, workers fought for jobs in Detroit, it was said workers had to pay as much as three quarters of their days wages just for the privilege of working.
    The Nation needed new stimuli, perhaps this was the reason Henry Ford chose this most unlikely time for the introduction of his newest creation. The ” new Ford Eight ” ,records show he was to go on and build over six million cars with this basic engine before the War.
    The model V8 was formerly introduced in March 1932, twenty two years were to follow in which the basic power plant of the Ford motor car would be relatively unchanged.
    This Early V-8 Engine had a combination coil and distributor mounted at the front of the engine driven directly from the camshaft. V-belt drives two water pumps, fan and generator.
    1935 brought a number of changes, among them a significant change to the engine block casting to provide ” flow- through crankcase ventilation, Air was directed by means of a scoop- shaped oil filler cap, through the crankcase , up into the valve chamber past a series of baffles. Also in 1935 was the addition of counterweights on the clutch which acted centrifugally to increase pressure this increased speed & reduced a tendency for slip. This feature has been retained in all models since 1935.
    The car offered for sale is perhaps the rarest of examples.” A 1935 Type 710 Deluxe Roadster. In contrast to the standard Roadster the Deluxe car was equipped with a chrome windshield frame,cowl lights,dual horns, tail lamps, lighter & ashtray, glove-box , rumble-seat. Special equipment included wind wings & dust boot.
    The highly desirable ” Coach Maroon , with medium bright Poppy Red stripping” was an Export colour , hence present in this extremely rare original right hand drive car , was produced at the Ford Plant in Canada & retains its original engine / 3 speed plus reverse Gearbox / & Axles .
    This car has now been with us here at Premium Classic Cars for over a year, following early recomisioning the focus for the car has evolved!& the car has to now be one of the very best in the World.Our work has enabled the car to complete the Flying Scotsman reliability trial , Brooklands to Edinburgh just last Month.
    The team at Belcher Engineering in Diss ,( early Flat Head V8 Ford specialists, must be credited with some excellent work including the rebuilding of the original Gearbox with a complete overhaul of the cars Brakes.
    Further works pre- Flying Scotsman have included the re-wiring of all electrics, additional lights plus the addition of a Rally trip Meter, map reading light and engine bay mounted spare Plugs plus Coil with key Tools.The car has been carefully optimised using a renown Rolling Road facility and is a superb Long distance driving car with absolutely no ills or vices !able to Cruise effortlessly at 70mph and climb in the Dales with the most expensive Bentleys !
    The Flying Scotsman event was completed with only a minor Glitch ( a broken Starter Motor ) which did not prevent a successful finish!the Starter is now fully replaced with a new correct unit sourced in the US.
    Pre 1941 genuine original cars are increasingly difficult to find, this car in Coach Maroon is a beautiful Deluxe genuine right hand drive example , very rare just 3 believed left in the UK
    And possibly as well sorted and reliable as it gets for these wonderful pre- War cars, this Roadster represents an excellent investment opportunity whilst offering a passport to all of Europes Historic Rallies, the car comes with a current FIA Historic Passport, further testimony to the originality of a wonderful fully restored example offering a car that’s truly on the button & able to be enjoyed from Day one. The car has a recent 12 months MOT , and will be sold with an excellent ” unused spares Package ” should long distance Historic Rallies be part of a future plan.The only removed , original Items ( Chrome plug lead tidies ) with correct period Plug leads are also supplied for re-fitment as preferd.these items are not compatible with the —??—- meter hence displaced at present. In superb condition and Proven reliability this is a surely rare opportunity to buy such a car before prices spiral in genuine right hand drive form.
    The car is for sale making way for a 2012 Flying Scotsman Project and will not disappoint in any detailed inspection.

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