ALLARD - J2X MarkII Prototype

    ALLARD - J2X MarkII Prototype

    ALLARD – J2X MarkII Prototype

    The Legendary J2X from Allard won between 1951 and 1954 racing notoriety at the hands of drivers, now legends in their own right. Sydney Allard, John Fitch, Masten Gregory and Caroll Shelby to name just a few.
    In these early years only 83 original J2X cars were built, integrating American V-8 power plants into race winning ladder frame chassis dominance at race circuits over larger manufacturers was achieved. Entries at Le Mans, pebble beach even Goodwood no doubt part of the reason the very DNA of this conception attracts such passion from those that begrudge a little! Not being born in time to indulge a now love of drivers cars in the early 1950′s.
    The Allard Motor Works J2X Mk 11 is a modern hand crafted sports car with DNA routed in the iconic famed British competition roadster that stirred crowds in both Europe and north America.
    This version integrates the latest technology into a faithful design, to provide safety and comfort in keeping with world class sports cars today but all importantly breathtaking performance.
    This car proudly wearing the famed Allard badge is recognised by the Allard registry and carries special J2X serial numbers recorded at the registry.
    As to be expected at the heart of performance, this car in standard guise, is powered with a 350 bhp fuel injected GM Ram Jet V8. This all new 5.7 Chrysler Hemi and the Cadillac north star engine are both available options.
    Power is transferred (400 ft. /lbs of torque)to the rear wheels via a Tremec TKO 5 speed gearbox, the change both fluid and precise.
    This fully synchronised competition grade unit has a 5th gear ensuring effortless cruising and fuel economy for those long trips to Le Mans, Monaco and doubtless to see the entrants of a Mille Miglia from the best seat in the world.
    Faithful to original Allard de Dion rear suspension the J2X MK 1 has 9″ centre section housed in cast Aluminium alloy block, half shafts are competition grade.
    Brakes are 13″ cross drilled discs located next to the differential, the reduction in unsprung weight, giving fantastic traction and a ride those driving in 2011 have come to take for granted. The front and rear fully independent suspension can be adjusted to optimise a particular driving style. Coil over Billet Gaz shock absorbers coupled to Willwood disc brakes leave no doubt this car is the result of some of the finest 2011 race car engineering steered by a rack and pinion unit giving superb feel.
    This is a place designed to awaken the senses of proud owners even before they get in. Functionality and minimalism are evident. But unusually comfort and real hand crafted features to be it cross stitched Connolly hide, aluminium hand turned switch gear or a custom flush mounted starter button this is an exquisite place to sit and will attract all the right comment when parked in the company of the world current crop of outstanding supercars. With a stretched cockpit, wider foot boxes and fully adjustable seats this car is able to be enjoyed by all. Both tall and shorter arms and legs types who have always fitted in a Ferrari! But all to frequently not much else.
    Allard signature instruments, Monza style fuel filler, engraved door sills and a host of custom map pocket, Ipod connectivity and more ensure each new owner has a unique and perfectly matched cockpit.
    The chassis is Cad designed, a steel tubular structure for safety , reliability and performance. Many safety features are incorporated with double roll bars inside the cowling and around the fuel tank. side impact bars in the doors, energy absorption zones and collapsible steering column are all in place offering real protection very unlike vehicles from this bygone era.
    By adding these features to a well designed and rigid chassis the result a low centre of gravity and near perfect 50/50 weight distribution. Golf clubs ! Fit in the boot and with the Clubs out ! This is a fabulous car to drive on a track poised and stable with biblical usable performance.
    Carrying unmistakable synergy with the J2X of the 50′s this car makes no attempt to be a replica. The design may become Iconic, paintwork and finish are superb on a composite body. Bonnet is a fully functional hand crafted Aluminium, secured with hand crafted leather straps in addition to a well hidden remotely operated safety latch.
    A split Tonneau is standard in a finish to complement interior trim and or external paints.
    Final colour choices for cars are Period shades, associated with the world of 1950′s grand prix and racing cars, British racing green, Monza deep red, Le-Mans Blue for example.
    The car is perhaps best enjoyed with Brooklands Aero Screens, a one piece detachable windshield with wipers is available, also full weather gear to include folding soft top and side screens. A custom finish detachable one piece removable hard top is also to be available.


    V8 Engines  GM Ram Jet PFI ( fuel injected )
    Transmission  Tremec TKO 5- speed manual .
    Suspension  front independent unequal length wishbones. rear independent coil over.
    6 position adjustable coil over aluminium shock absorbers.
    Powder coated tubular steel.
    front vented 13″ competition discs 4 pot / Willwood Callipers rear 13″ competition discs 4 pot Willwood Callipers
    Rack and Pinion with competition grade quick Rack.Steering wheels Moto lita / Momo options.
    12 volts high amperage battery,halogen high intensity headlamps,Lucas PL 7″ 2 x Auxiliary Power source,Allard bespoke 5 ” speedo & Rev – counter.all instruments dash mounted.
    Clayton under dash mounted heater.
    Racing / or Brooklands.
    hand laid / oven cured composite / Aluminium Bonnet ,Two pack solid period colour paint.
    UPHOLSTERY/ custom finish.
    Fully adjustable leather seats, hand made Allard or * Rigard to provide for 4 x point Willans Harnesses.
    side panel storage compartments.

    full carpet / Allard over matts , colour matched.
    machine turned Aluminium Dash.
    engraved Allard / Monza fuel filler.

    willans FIA approved belts / colour choices to match interior.
    72 spoke alloy Dayton wire wheels 5x bolt pattern.
    Allard engraved centre lock Spinners.
    16″ x 235 x 60 rear / 16 x 225 x60 front / high performance ZR series Dunlop.
    12 months fully Supported Allard Warranty.
    Le Mans spec limited edition car / Europe
    Chrysler 5.7 or Cadillac North star Engine.
    Custom Supercharging.
    4 speed Automatic transmission.
    Adjustable steering wheel
    Anti theft tracker device.
    Additional lumber support.
    Ridgard custom seats.
    Willans custom belts
    Connolly leather diamond stitched interior.
    Air conditioning
    Audio / Sat Nav
    High performance driving course Spa Belgium / two days.
    Full width Windshield
    One piece removable hard top.
    wheel base 106 inches – 269 cms
    track 58 inches 147 cms
    length 171 inches -424 cms
    width 67 inches -170 cms
    Ground clearance-6 inches -15 cms
    curb weight 2,400 lbs – 1130 kgs
    weight distribution 50/50
    The fit and finish of this car is impecable. Every angle has synergy with the original 50′s cars, the package is stunning, suffice to say its biblically quick and an absolute joy to drive.
    Available to order now.
    Spring 2011 subject to order book, priced from £110,000.
    The development car is here with us in suffolk a left hand drive car and potential interested parties welcome by appointment. We are based quite close to London Stanstead and always very happy to transfer from the airport by Arrangement.

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