TRIUMPH - 1954 TR2 Triumph Longdoor Motor Company Press-Car Mille Miglia eligible

    TRIUMPH - 1954 TR2 Triumph Longdoor Motor Company Press-Car Mille Miglia eligible

    TRIUMPH – 1954 TR2 Triumph Longdoor Motor Company Press-Car

    The Triumph TR range of sports cars was introduced in 1953, it quickly established itself as a favourite in the British sports car market. Updates soon followed and the TR3 with subtle modifications, such as doors flush with the top of the sill and re-designed grille replaced the original model. The final variant was the TR3A which sported some later refinements such as external door handles, full width grille with separate side lights and a TR3B was produced but this was unique to the North American market. The actual design of the cars were down to Walter Belgrove and his TR2 prototype was first shown to the public at Earls Court Motor Show in 1952. Then production commencing in spring of 1953. Belgrove took some of his design influences from the Jaguar XK120 and features showing similar lines can be seen around the headlamps, front wings and around the cockpit area. The cars were a big hit here and overseas with export sales far exceeding home sales. The cars easily being converted to left hand drive to satisfy the North American market. Owners were impressed with the simple design the rugged chassis and the bullet proof standard vanguard derived 1991cc four cylinder ohv engine. Performance was good also with top speed 105 m.p.h, 0-60 in 12.6 seconds, giving 96 b.h.p at around 4800 r.p.m fuel consumption was impressive at around 30 m.p.g. A notable achievement occurred in 1953 when a standard TR2 with only the addition of wheel spats, fairings and aero screen achieved 124 m.p.h. firmly establishing this little sports car as a true classic.

    TR2 Claims to fame:

    1954 Mille Miglia  came 28th out of 450 starters and June 1954 Le Mans came 5th in class!
    PHP 727 is a well documented car, run by the standard motor company as an official factory press car in 1955
    PHP 727 was extensively tested by Motorsport Magazine. Which featured photographs and a two page editorial. This original copy is included as part of the cars provenance in the history file supplied with the car.

    This important car is finished in Triumph powder blue, with biscuit trim and matching fawn weather gear. The car is supplied with the rare original factory hard top (complete with Le Mans style identification lights) wire wheels and overdrive gearbox.

    This car comes with Heritage certificate, clearly confirming its provenance as a car built in 1954 and delivered directly to the press office of the standard Triumph Motor Company in Canley, Coventry. Overdrive and heater both being specified period options along with wire wheels as ordered, so as to publicise the TR2 with full “options ”.

    This car is thoroughly sorted and a quick car. Eligible for all the historic rallies with added press department provenance, the Mille Miglia organisers would  doubtless be very pleased to see the car entered.

    Over recent months this car has been the subject of extensive restoration work, which is presently in hand, with a full engine rebuild to fast road specification and a total overhaul of all mechanics, plus extensive electrical work to ensure readiness for the 2017 Mille Miglia.

    The car is one of the very few factory cars remaining in a world of classic cars where discerning buyers are mindful of future values. This is a car with significant potential to deliver a strong increase in value and hence an excellent investment offering a sure return over the next few years and importantly, a fabulous car to take to Brescia in 2017 for the Mille Miglia.

    As always, overseas clients are most welcome, with airport and rail connections easily met. Delivery in Europe via our own covered transport trailer or worldwide with our logistics partners CARS International, also based in Suffolk, is easily arranged. I would recommend an early viewing as eligible cars for the Mille Miglia are fewer and fewer.


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