BUICK - 1938 Buick Roadmaster RHD Mille Miglia eligible

    BUICK - 1938 Buick Roadmaster RHD Mille Miglia eligible

    1938 Buick Roadmaster

    Advancements continue for 1938 Roadmaster. This was the single model year that most critics and enthusiasts agree was the pre war design pinnacle for Buick. These cars are now amongst the most prized by collectors. Visually, the 1938 model simply widened the horizontal grill bar spacing and altered the wheel covers. Less noticeable was the 2 inch increase in wheel base and side mounted spare wheels were no longer standard, but it was in the technical areas of the car that the elements so prized by collectors evolved. The power from the straight eight engine was boosted to 141 hp. This was not done with a change to the size of the combustion chamber, engineers achieved this with redesigned pistons. This improved crank case ventilation and incorporated full pressure lubrication. This was called the new Dynaflash 8. The version in 1938 incorporated so as to maximise the benefits of increased power included rear coil spring suspension and this was a domestic industry first and made use of larger more capable shock absorbers. Roadmasters were also larger in 1938, mostly due to a new cross braced frame that shaved weight from the previous chassis. Perhaps the most significant change was the long awaited switch to an all steel body. Styling changes included the longer hood, now extending to a near vertical grill, taller bumper guards and the redesign to hubcaps. The ride was an industry first with new shock absorbers, double acting and some four times the size of any others on the market.
    The “Turbulator” pistons raised the compression ration from 5.9 to 6.5:1. By far the largest share of production went to the domestic market with export sales seeing production of right hand drive cars in Canada and key markets such as Australia, South Africa and the UK. This car offered for sale is extremely rare, being a 1938 factory RHD Roadmaster optioned to include 2 integrated wheels covers in the front wings. A stunning car in any colour, in the export colour of dark maroon, a car able to stop traffic wherever it appears.
    This car offered for sale like so many cars from this period has been subject to various restoration work, spread over a number of years, some 10 years ago, clearly the car had extensive work which included a full engine rebuild, since which the car has covered just 2,000 miles. It is also believed that the car was last painted in 2005 and this is evident as the shade of colour is incorrect.
    Premium Classic Cars is in the process of thoroughly re-commissioning the car to include reconditioning of the distributor and carburettor. A full detail of the engine bay; a thorough overhaul of the cars cooling and careful attention to detail.
    The interior of the car is both original and in excellent condition with unmarked headlining. Some Chrome whilst good for the age will benefit from being re-plated and upon completing the relatively short work outlined, it is planned to repaint the car in its entirety at which point a fortunate future owner will purchase one of the very best Roadmasters in the world and so, so rare in original right hand drive.
    The History file for the car is excellent and includes a copy of the certificate of registration from South Africa from where the car was exported to the UK in 2001. This is a matching numbers car, fantastically preserved (benefitting from the dry climate in South Africa) and very, very original. These cars when set up to run well, have agility with a power and weight ratio, which defies their size. Keen enthusiasts will have noted that a car such as this with quite stunning looks is designed to carry 3 adults in the front and 3 in the rear and does so with considerable comfort and ease. It is a car eligible for all manner of pre war events and able to keep pace with any number of Bentley and other pre war exotica, which presently can cost so much more. The car is ideally suited to both long distance endurance rallies and of course regularity rallies, abundant torque is well suited to mountain stages. Endurance rally enthusiasts will immediately realise the value of being able to carry 2 serviceable spare wheels and the combination of luggage capacity is represented with the very large trunk and spacious rear interior, which are ideal for long distance extended events. *If the new owner would like, Premium Classic Cars is able to fit air conditioning to this car by separate agreement. Perhaps the ultimate addition if the car is to be used in warmer climes.
    We welcome viewings at our premises here in Suffolk at anytime, via an appointment, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Overseas visitors are most welcome and can be collected from all London airports with accommodation arranged.
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    Should a classic or competition car be available for part exchange, we would also have no hesitation in considering your car.
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    Worldwide delivery of the car can be facilitated with ease. If in mainland Europe, Phil as always will be delighted to deliver the car personally via covered trailer. Beyond Europe international shipping is easily arranged too.

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