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Shipping is easily arranged for the US, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, South/Central America, New Zealand and Australia – a welcome addition to our everyday market of Europe.

For customers wishing to have delivery to mainland Europe, we have a choice of covered trailer dependent on the size of the car – we regularly personally deliver cars to Switzerland and Italy as well France, Belgium, Holland and of course Tina’s native Germany. For all of us here the all-important handover is often the climax of a long preparation and the beginning of a valued friendship.


Here at Premium Classic Cars, the Team are passionate about cars both pre-war and of course modern classics. Phil’s track record with supercars is well documented with 30,000 miles in an F40 – quite possibly a record.

Not all car enthusiasts are fortunate to live with ideal storage solutions and as part of our growth, a separate secure storage and car preparation location now features. Situated close to the M25 in Essex it is near to main rail links, and London airports plus the bonus of the City. This facility is unique and incorporates the full rolling-road services of our friends and partners Atspeed Racing.

Cars are stored securely with menu pricing ranging from the all-important battery conditioning to full historic rally event preparation for those seeking the ultimate reliability from both classic and pre-war cars that are to be used on Europe’s ever-growing prestigious event calendar

For example, our Standard package provides for service and maintenance with tuning, setting up of the car and covered transport for bespoke collection/delivery services.

With a rolling road on-site, cars can be optimised for use in both warm and cold weather avoiding the often-unfavourable tie and risk associated with road testing. Simply put, this storage facility will bring unparalleled levels of service and ease of use for both collectors and performance car owners. Packages provide for cars to be collected/delivered as per owner instructions with full valeting and service options, redefining the notion of ‘hop in and enjoy’ so often absent with specialist cars for busy people.

The facility uses Carcoon® airflow storage systems. This renowned system is designed to protect your vehicle using a patented active airflow system combined with other advanced proven features and sets a peerless standard in advanced car care. The Carcoon® is a lightweight and extremely durable bubble, which inflates around the vehicle to be stored offering protection from both moisture and dust. Two low-voltage fans keep the Carcoon® inflated and maintains re-circulated airflow around the car. Premium car storage means that cars requiring sympathetic and frequent fettling will be readily available for spontaneous use by space, and time-pressed, owners. It is my personal hope that specialist as well as classic car ownership will become feasible for many new owners who have concerns about storage/space restrictions, or fear of maintenance.

To register interest in this facility please get in touch.


Typical charges of £30.00* as a one-off booking fee means your car will be assessed against a 30-point condition report, tyre pressures adjusted, a regular battery condition programme carried out and an implemented copy of the report will be shared with you therefore enhancing a car’s History File.

Weekly charges start at £28.50* and include protection with a dust cover and regular battery conditioning. This can increase to approximately £50.00* per week if incorporating bespoke collection, maintenance and a pick up menu tailored to the needs of specific owners.

In addition to our Menu Pricing packages, MOT, Road Tax and full valet service run in parallel with engine detailing. Of course, any element of service or restoration work are all available in a fixed price basis.


Owners are required to maintain a minimum of Third Party Fire and Theft cover unless on a package with us that caters for this.


Storage charges are payable Quarterly in advance. The minimum charge is one week and is thereafter calculated daily.


Please do not hesitate to enquire about custom trips for owners to the Mille Miglia and Monaco Historic.

*All charges are inclusive of VAT at the current rate.

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